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Impetuous Fighter — 2D RPG beat 'em up

True RPG in the 90s style!

Impetuous Fighter

5 reasons, why you will start to play this game:

  1. Heavy RPG mechanic
  2. The arcade games style of the 90s
  3. Interface for Windows and Android 
  4. Single campaign challenge
  5. The game without in-app purchase!

Thank you for your interest in this game!

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"For now i am working on the demo version with heavy weight RPG mechanic"

The heavyweight RPG mechanics — WHAT IS IT?

Character development:

  • Starting points distribution (Str, Dex, Vit)
  • Starting skills distribution
  • Direct dependency from STR, DEX, VIT for strength, speed, HP & Stamina

Stats in the Impetuos Fighter:
Str —  punch or kick power
Dex — move speed and attack speed
Vit — Player hit points and stamina points with it regeneration ability

Skills system:

  • Buffs.
  • Active and passive.
  • Cooldown time and duration time with stamina points consumption.

There are no determined classes! 

So it’s up to you what character to build with configure player to start with.

Trade and inventory:

  • Buy or sell items
  • Items with a random stats
  • NPC have chance to drop a random generated item
  • NPC drop all their items when they die
    (Same for a player)
  • NPC can pick up items

The 2D RPG «Console-like» game

with no in app purchases

I am strictly opposed to a microtransaction system inside games ​

Friendly fire

Player and NPC can hit each other even if they belong to the same faction

Complete RPG

— Skills for exp, items with a random stats
— Trade with loot system.
— Buffs, active and passive skills.
— Skills with stamina consumption.
— HP and stamina will regenerate over time.

Beat 'em up

Beat 'em up (also known as brawler) is a video game genre featuring hand-to-hand combat between the protagonist and an improbably large number of opponents. I was inspired by the video game Mighty Final Fight.

Non-linear branching storytelling

— Capability to change faction many times
— Randomly generated quests.

Android & PC

Unity engine cross-platform allows to play from android devices. PC controls: W+A+S+D for movement and NUM 1-9 for skills use.

Approximately 2 to 3 months, subscribers will get an announce. Due to a huge amount of work for one person, first will be a single player release, then, if success, i will start a multiplayer development.

My vision of the perfect RPG video game is mix of Diablo 2 mechanics with a part of the Lineage 2 open world and pvp system.

As a matter of Lineage 2, it has, in my opinion, the great weakness of determined classes and items, and therefore a huge lack of flexibility with create an unique build. But buffs and de-buffs system in the Lineage 2 is very good.

The Diablo 2 has a very heavy-handed mechanics. You should elaborate strategy of character development, what items do you need for your build and how it will be good at the final stage. But it has a lack of daily PvP due to non-availability of the open world concept.

I have a lot of favorite games . For example: Battletoads & Double Dragon, Quake, Counter Strike, Starcraft, Dota (wc3 engine). By the way some art was replicated from the ZX Spectrum Target Renegade

Game development is my hobby,i like to create games like that. And i am creating Impetuous Fighter, because no one will create it as i see, or if someone will create game like this, i am sure that they will ruine this game due to implement microtransaction system or in-app purchase

Any kind of your activity approximates release time:

  1. Information — share links of this game with your friends on the forums and social media networks.
  2. Participation in development  — a huge amount of work is an painting and animation due to lack of this skills
  3. Your donation will highly appreciated 
  4. PayPal:
  5. Yandex money: 410012445165799
  6. Webmoney: R697461385741 and Z518539047545 at the goodwill only!

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